Where to rent a bike in Bas-Rhin, Alsace ?

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You are on holiday in Alsace and would like to rent a bike for a day trip or discover the whole of Lower-Rhine by bike without having to get your own bike there ? Check our list of bike rentals.

This app, bike outlets, accommodation hosts and tourist will be able to suggest you great ideas for discovering Bas-Rhin (Lower Rhine) by bike. But once you decided where you want to go by bike, you need to get a bike. You are looking for tandem bikes, city bikes, child bikes or even electric bikes ? You will be able to rent it in one of our different spot in Bas-Rhin, Alsace. 

Where to rent a bike in Strasbourg ?

Prices depend on the type of bike you want to rent and depend on how long you want to rent it. A deposal is usually asked.

In Strasbourg, there are three main bike Hiring Businesses.

  • Vélhop

Vélhop is the main business of bike rental in Strasbourg, people usually rent bike for a long term there, but they also offer a short term rental service. It is also possible to rent a bike online on their website.
For a regular bike, the rental price is 10euro per day.
Deposit: 150€ per bicycle. 
Address : 5 shops in Strasbourg : one is located in Schiltigheim, one at the train station, one at the university of Strasbourg, one in Koenigshoffen and one in the city center. 
Train station Velhop : 20 place de la Gare 67100 Strasbourg

More info on their website : velhop.strasbourg.eu (English)

  • Esprit Cycles

If you want to rent a bike at their shop, the price goes from 6euro for half a day to 12 euro for a day. If you want to rent a bike for more than just a day, the price change into 9€ per day.

Deposit : Depend on the type of bike. For a regular one, it is 200€ per bicycle.
Address : 13 Avenue de Colmar 67100 Strasbourg
Phone number: +33 (0) 3 67 10 68 80
More info on their website : www.espritcycle.com  (English)

  • Rustine & burette

At Rustine & burette, the price goes from 10€ to 65€ per bicycle for a day rental. (more expensive on weekend)
A security deposit is also asked.

Info: closed on monday and sunday, no English on their website and not sure they can speak any. 
Address : 1 rue des soeurs 67100 Strasbourg
Website : www.rustineetburette.fr (only in French)

Other places in Bas-Rhin where you can rent a bike 

  • Movelo Alsace, in Selestat

You can rent a bike for 20€ per day or 13€ for half a day.
Deposit: 120€ per bicycle
Address : 2 rue du Général Gallieni, 67600 Sélestat
More info on their website : moveloalsace.fr 

  • BimBim Bikes, Mutzig

Price in this rental shop usually goes from 15€ to 40€ per bicycle.
Deposit : depend on the type of bike but goes from 350€ to 4000€
Address : Place de la Gare, 67190 Mutzig.
More info on their website. (online booking)

  • Cyc'Hop, Obernai

If you want to rent a regular bike for a day, you can rent it for 12€ and if you'd rather rent an electric bike for a day, you can do it for 15€ at this shop. They also have a transport of luggage service. 

Info: closed on Monday and Sunday. 
Address:109 rue du général Gouraud, 67210 Obernai.
More info on their website : cycl-hop.fr

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